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No decent marketing plan or strategy can be setup without the reliable numbers to back it up. Most current research companies only have global data and an emphasis on trends and projections. That is not what Insightful is about: we have factual numbers at an unprecedented granular level on which our partners and customers can rely to create an appropriate strategy to enter the gaming and esports world.

Our mission

Our goal is to enable and support our customers to make informed decisions about the esports market based on in-depth reliable data with a focus on accuracy, facts and transparency. Understand the narrative, captivate your audience and create the right strategy based on the ultimate insights.

Objective of the Study

To understand the importance of esports, we need to analyze the industry’s reputation, image, engagement and consumption levels  among esports athletes.

We will also identify the various stakeholders’ influence on the market in terms of media, games platform, network, player, teams, sponsors, ….

Market Research

From attending tournaments to watching and following through various media.


Main characteristics of the different sample pools. Unique attributes of each sample of the surveyed individuals.


Our data and insights currently include 20 countries. We are actively adding new regions.

Case Studies


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